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2009-05-03 07:01:06 by Yambanshee

at the moment, im on and off with 3 games.

1) im working on a spy based platformer with indiesmile and stealthxtoons. Still experimenting with the engine and gameplay, but the graphics are looking awesome!

2) The Cleaner is a game that i have long wanted to make, and although a little bit of its done, i still have big plans for alot of graphics improvement

3) Lastly, Space Ball is still new in progress, but is moving along very quickly. got basic graphics going and, in my opinion, a very unique game play. (use mouse to move)


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2009-05-13 09:48:10

Love you ;)
The games look nice.

Yambanshee responds:

thanx mate ;D


2009-05-31 15:37:13

Go get someone to do the Po3 with!

Yambanshee responds:

cant be bothered :/. I'll do the next competition...


2009-06-09 10:17:39

But... it's NOT a competition :(