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AS3 and Disapearenses

2009-11-04 07:35:56 by Yambanshee

Well, finally got CS3, and i'm currently learing AS3. Ive had it for a week and one day, and am proud to say i made a fully functional MP3 player in it (loads files from your computer, browse through them in the flash player and can click on them to play it, pause play next prev volume control etc...) as well as a in development game called Ice Racer. Check it out!

You might have knowticed that i occasionaly not post anything on the forums for a long time. This is because my internet provider keeps blocking newgrounds for a while.


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2009-11-04 11:34:03

The MP3 players sounds cool, though its similar to the ng music loader i made for MM in as2. The ice racer pretty much sucks, the graphics r good but the engine is terrible.

I know, the cars can't collide in my sample, but u r a good programmer so i guess u know how complicated rectangle interaction is.

Yambanshee responds:

Although our engine seems really similer (im guessing we used the same method) i do really like your AI. How did you go about making him turn when he needs to? when i did a AI with a previous racing game it wasint very great to be honest. Simply checked if a point infront of it was touching the grass and which side the point was


2009-11-05 09:40:26

to vexagon: he said it loads files from his computer not NG very different.
Also the car engine is good,I like it , but less friction and let the car gain speed as oppesed to just having speed all of a sudden

Yambanshee responds:

noted :]


2009-11-08 11:19:35

I like ice racer

Yambanshee responds:

thanx :]


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