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2009-12-11 09:28:49 by Yambanshee

i was just wondering, how do you all stay committed to finishing your flash games? it seems that everything i make only gets past the initial engine, but i never follow through with game play and submitting it to the site. either that or its something that cant really be submitted to the site such as mp3 players.

so my question is, how do YOU keep committed on games?


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2009-12-20 05:36:36

we try to push ourselves to continue working, even when you feel like theres nothing to work for, n btw, i have been working on our game, for a while, i'll show you when i show you that will make you go mental o: lol :P

Yambanshee responds:

yea, i haven't heard from you in ages!

so you've been working on the game the whole time?
did you get cs3?


2009-12-20 15:47:55

I dont. I've been working on MM2 since MM was finished, I made 14 different menus, but I never got any more than that. I found a very good solution lately, make simulations. This way you only have to write the main engine, the rest would make it a game.

Yambanshee responds:

like the idea :]


2009-12-24 14:59:34

I work on flash movies

what I do is look at really bad flashes on newgrounds and say "hey I can do better!"
or something along the lines of that


2010-08-06 10:25:57

i don't :P