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2010-01-16 06:04:45 by Yambanshee

well, i've recently redone my old basic engine Vision. But i was just wondering before i start getting too serious, how does the gameplay feel?
do you feel the weapons are unbalanced?
Is the enemies too tough?
can you find the text that says 'win', and if so was it hard to find? what else would you like to see in the game?
What frame rate is it running at?

mouse wheel to scroll through the weapons (no laptop mode as of yet, im sorry)
click to shoot
w/a/s/d or arrow keys to move

growling sound means a new enemy has been added
snare/screech means turn around cuz ones about to attack



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2010-01-16 14:49:16

Did you really do that raycasting yourself ? its ok.

I think it was a bit confusing having EVERYTHING black and the enemies should flash or smothing when hit so you know your doing something right , the game seems to be quite dark and i would love to see something happen like hearing enimies get closer and further , having to rely on youre hearing for a change a game like that would be ground breaking , the raycasting looks familiar but still good.

Id love to see this updated :)

Also check my UP for the new version of my engine with some fixes and new pickup/ability thing

Yambanshee responds:

Yea, i did the ray casting
At first i had all the api lines drawn out, but i had to use a lot of filters to cover up the gaps at the end of the lines. Then it struck me one nite and i decided to rather store a array of points and then connect it up using the api and aply a fill. In the end the class is under 100 lines of AS, so its actually quite easy
Ill start experementing with the sound tommorow, havn't really used the sound controls too much since my mp3 player i made when i started learning as3


2010-01-23 10:29:00

I think the ray casting was really good. It was confusing cos it was all black, your probably gonna add some proper graphics though once the scriptings done. The weapons didn't seem too unbalanced, it took 2 shots to kill people with the sniper though, so either reduce it to 1 hit or make it so it hits enemies behind it. The enemies were a bit too hard and they need to react when they get shot. I found the win! it was extremely easy, I guess I just happened to go the right way. 51-50 fps, on a pretty decent comp.

Yambanshee responds:

thanks for the reply.
i guess the problem with the sniper is because i didint feel like making it too powerful, but i guess if i bump the delay up a tad something like a 1 shot kill should be do-able.
Updated, better?


2010-01-25 05:54:16

About the gameplay... it's extremely hard to tell if there's an enemy near you. Several times I the light just went out and I didn't even see the enemy at all. If/when you add proper graphics it could make it easier to see them but I think you should work on the light and make it so that you can see behind you and so your view isn't so limited. That way if an enemy does creep up on you you'll at least see it and be able to react before it completely kills you. The update is good, make sure you add another level so it's not just find Win and don't die :D

(Updated ) Yambanshee responds:

I actually want it that way, so that you can constantly have to move around. I do think the enemies affect your health a bit much, so i sorted that. Also i added some basic sounds as warnings. I'll look into some levels where a point based system is added to "buy" torch power and weapons


2010-01-27 05:05:08

Sounds really good. I did end up having to continually move so they didn't kill me lol.


2010-02-13 16:47:00


45-47 FPS? A bit much for a simple game right?

(Updated ) Yambanshee responds:

makes it run a lot smoother in the fact that im doing more checks per second, meaning less for loops for accurate hitTesting
and ray casting does not a simple game make, about 684 lines of code and 6 doc. classes