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Vision PART 2

2010-06-29 07:26:51 by Yambanshee

Hey guys
been a while since i made a topic, hope you dont mind it being asking for feedback.
so yea, its about a game i just got back to making, and i made a couple of changed. Id like some comments and stuff. Thanks

Do you like the bullets appearing as they do now, or do you prefer it being a straight line instantly?

hows your performance (you can press P to pause and change the quality, which will change the way its rendered by flash, and the accuracy of the torch's raycsting)

How do you feel about the different guns?

Do you feel that the specs at the start relate to the gun's actual performance?

and most importantly, would you like playing a game like this?

Also i added a fully functional store, and some original drawings. put a lot of work into it, and was hoping you guys could maybe check it out

press P for the pause menu.

Also, could you report on the performance you are experiencing, frame rate, etc...?

Thanks for the massive help :]



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2010-08-06 10:24:40

framerate = 40/41, the different guns and that seem good. The light still seems too narrow and should be spread out more/ take longer to fade out at the sides. It wasn't too enjoyable because I couldn't see the enemies coming at all. You need to add colour to the enemies and walls, that'd probably make it easier to see them. Although hard games can be fun most people enjoy it more when they are winning.