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a creative piece. Although i like the interactivity, i would suggest adding more, such as the choice of your own name.
Over all though, looks great

OrangePylon responds:

...But there's voice acting.


Beside from the obvious, already pointed out lack of colour, for a 2nd its excellent :]! I do however feel that ng is a place not just to upload any work, so im critiquing it just like i would a normal animation
Some great talent is evident, good use of panning for example, and a great story line, and background knowledge (most people would just say the plane ran out of fuel or something). What im saying is that with enough practice, and definatly alot of patients you could defiantly make truly great animations

Zapurdead responds:

I'll just respond to this one for all the other ones as well. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely be adding color next time. And working on my drawing is always important, but it's good to know people care enough to give helpful suggestions.

my hair stood up

This is one of the few animations made on flash that actually makes all my hair stand up. Love it!

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Massive problem

Well, firtly theres not much going for it. Theres no skill needed, no nothing needed. No challenge, just click the mouse and hope for something to happen. To top it off, theres a massive problem with it. The zombie doesn't move so you can simply hit it once and then move away till the round ends


great graphics, good concept, but it did lag quite alot (may just be my slow computer) and you had some missing infromation. For example, tigers aren't found in africa.


its quite a good game, but its a bad platformer engine. Work on something half decent (wall hitTests ect...) an it will be alot better!

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i like it

sounds preaty good!

Box-Killa responds:

:D thanks for the listen

Quite jolly

I actually like this, its got a nice "happy" sort of feel to it, and can lighten anyones mood. Great work on it, but its missing something, its not powerfull enough. mabye my volume is a little low though

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Great drawing, and the world's best car :D

Im actually working a little bit on a car game (drift physics). If i get the Basic engine done (im having trouble drawing a dynamic line and altering the uniqe physics like grip ect...) i might give ya a pm and ask u to do some art for me :)

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