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Vision PART 2

2010-06-29 07:26:51 by Yambanshee

Hey guys
been a while since i made a topic, hope you dont mind it being asking for feedback.
so yea, its about a game i just got back to making, and i made a couple of changed. Id like some comments and stuff. Thanks

Do you like the bullets appearing as they do now, or do you prefer it being a straight line instantly?

hows your performance (you can press P to pause and change the quality, which will change the way its rendered by flash, and the accuracy of the torch's raycsting)

How do you feel about the different guns?

Do you feel that the specs at the start relate to the gun's actual performance?

and most importantly, would you like playing a game like this?

Also i added a fully functional store, and some original drawings. put a lot of work into it, and was hoping you guys could maybe check it out

press P for the pause menu.

Also, could you report on the performance you are experiencing, frame rate, etc...?

Thanks for the massive help :]



2010-01-16 06:04:45 by Yambanshee

well, i've recently redone my old basic engine Vision. But i was just wondering before i start getting too serious, how does the gameplay feel?
do you feel the weapons are unbalanced?
Is the enemies too tough?
can you find the text that says 'win', and if so was it hard to find? what else would you like to see in the game?
What frame rate is it running at?

mouse wheel to scroll through the weapons (no laptop mode as of yet, im sorry)
click to shoot
w/a/s/d or arrow keys to move

growling sound means a new enemy has been added
snare/screech means turn around cuz ones about to attack



2009-12-11 09:28:49 by Yambanshee

i was just wondering, how do you all stay committed to finishing your flash games? it seems that everything i make only gets past the initial engine, but i never follow through with game play and submitting it to the site. either that or its something that cant really be submitted to the site such as mp3 players.

so my question is, how do YOU keep committed on games?

AS3 and Disapearenses

2009-11-04 07:35:56 by Yambanshee

Well, finally got CS3, and i'm currently learing AS3. Ive had it for a week and one day, and am proud to say i made a fully functional MP3 player in it (loads files from your computer, browse through them in the flash player and can click on them to play it, pause play next prev volume control etc...) as well as a in development game called Ice Racer. Check it out!

You might have knowticed that i occasionaly not post anything on the forums for a long time. This is because my internet provider keeps blocking newgrounds for a while.

Games in progress

2009-05-03 07:01:06 by Yambanshee

at the moment, im on and off with 3 games.

1) im working on a spy based platformer with indiesmile and stealthxtoons. Still experimenting with the engine and gameplay, but the graphics are looking awesome!

2) The Cleaner is a game that i have long wanted to make, and although a little bit of its done, i still have big plans for alot of graphics improvement

3) Lastly, Space Ball is still new in progress, but is moving along very quickly. got basic graphics going and, in my opinion, a very unique game play. (use mouse to move)


2009-02-26 12:27:56 by Yambanshee

Hi :P